A print-at-home spy thriller experience with hidden movement and deduction for 2-6 players.

The Game

Spies! is a hidden movement and deduction game for 2-6 players where each player is a secret agent infiltrating an ambassador’s mansion. It’s a print-at-home game, meaning you’ll get PDF files you can laminate or print again and again.

Your mission is to track the spy to your left while completing and sabotaging objectives along the way. Beware: the spy on your right is tracking you! Sneak through the mansion and keep yourself hidden from them.

Lightweight, quick and simple, Spies! makes you feel like a detective tracking your opponent while outsmarting the other agent.

Complete objectives, sabotage your opponents, and stay hidden!

What we did

My first collaboration with fellow No Box Games team members Roque DeLeon and Chris Backe, Spies! was originally an idea from Chris that I then redesigned visually and Rocky marketed into a very successful Print and Play Kickstarter campaign!

Print-and-play games are different from other games as they are designed to be printed at home, rather than boxed up. As people are printing these games themselves, the game must have minimal assets so that players can, well, print and play!

“A lot of game in a single sheet. I enjoyed the chance to outwit my opponent and feel very clever. Very few games allow you to look your neighbors in the face only to be greeted with pure panic on one side and a confident grin on the other.”

Mathijs Jensen, Designer and Playtester