Classic Rally

The board game that brings the classic and history cars world to the tabletop.

The Game

Classic Rally is a board game that brings the classic and historic cars world to the tabletop. This game emulates the features, behaviour, and even problems of real-life classic cars. At the same time, it simulates the main features of road rallies, like road books, checkpoints, weather changes, hazards, service areas, assistance cars, overtaking other cars on the road, etc.

This is a competitive strategy game with an important component of logistics, where fuel and tyre management play a crucial part on the outcome. Properly understanding the road book and going the right way will be decisive to win, as it is in real-life car rallying.

What we did

A personal contract to assist a fellow Game Maker, Filipe J F Freitas, in attempting to achieve his dream of gaining funding to produce his fantastic game idea heavily inspired by his passion for Classic Rally racing.

Filipe and I spoke many times as we worked on his promotional video. He had seen some of my other videos for various crowdfunding campaigns and wanted to work together on his page.

I sourced the audio to support the amazing visuals that Tristam Rossin had created for Filipe and animated everything, along with creating 3d assets in order to bring it all to life!

What we didn’t do!

The wonderful and extremely talented Tristam Rossin created the artwork you see on this page and in the video. I could not and would never take credit from another artist and include it here to basically show off his awesome work!

“Classic Rally certainly hits the sweet spot of racing games, being strategic, quick, fun, tense, and not overly complicated.”

Jim Cohen, What Board Games