Our mission is to make spectacular exciting fun games for your tabletop!

As a team of a Dad and two Sons, the values of Foshies naturally come from our family unit – we create games that bring people together to have fun and make the kinds of shared memories that we hope will last a lifetime.

Starting with an idea, we build prototypes to test the game’s core loop. From here we play until it feels like fun before we add in more layers of features or ideas, characters, and designs, before we art up and get it ready to ship out!

At every stage we share and take on ideas from people in meetups, online groups, friends, and family, to make sure as many people as possible enjoy our games!

The Foshies Timeline

A story in brief of our games so far.

  • ???


    Medieval Mayhem Awaits!

  • 2024

    Jurassic Feud

    A standalone spin-off of the award-winning Catapult Feud! BUILD, AIM, DESTROY!


  • 2024

    S’Mores Galore

    A game of Card Stacking and Campfire Snacking!

  • 2024

    Pandora Celeste

    A gleeful love letter to Sci-Fi monster movies, where before you can deal with the monsters you must first survive the Ship!


  • 2023

    Dino Flippers

    Egg-Stealing, Rock-Lobbing, Scenery-Smashing Dinosaurs!

  • 2023


  • 2023

    Classic Rally

    The thrills of classic car rallying, from preparing the car, to the days on the road!

  • 2022


    A print-at-home spy thriller experience with hidden movement and deduction for 2-6 players.


  • 2021

    Escape From Flat Earth

    A fast-paced, narrative-creating sci-fi card game for 1 – 6 players. Try to keep your red-suited away team alive till the mission’s end!

  • 2020

    Catapult Kingdoms

    Ready. Aim. LAUNCH! Build your castle, set up your troops, load your catapults and use your cunning tactics to conquer the floor!