Beards and Booty

Roll Your Dice. Collect Your Rewards. Rule The Waves!

The Game

Set sail on the treacherous seas and step into the boots of a legendary pirate captain, battling your rivals and competing to be the last pirate standing!

Beards and Booty is a print-at-home, competitive dice combat game for 2-4 players. All you need to play is five, 6-sided, dice and 2 tokens per player to track your reputation and gold.

Roll the dice to match powerful patterns that let you unleash damage upon your rivals, heal your wounds, and collect treasure.

Each pirate captain has different sets of lucky numbers to match, along with unique abilities. Spend your gold pieces to activate these special skills to help shift the game’s tide in your favor.

Will you outwit and out-roll your opponents to claim the title of the fiercest pirate on the seven seas?

What we did

I originally came up with Beards and Booty as an idea as I wanted to make a game with Pirates! It’s not often that I start with a theme first, before creating the game prototype itself.

The game went through several iterations, one in particular which used special dice that you needed to combine at speed before your opponents in order to claim the pattern card.

However, playtesting proved the idea to be a little, well, boring so I tried a different style of gameplay, matching patterns but instead, they bring rewards such as taking your opponents fame or adding gold to your purse.

As what else does a pirate crave if not fame and gold!

“Last night I played 10 games with my husband and all I can say is congratulations! Thank you for allowing me to playtest your fantastic game!”

Becc, Piratey Playtester