Dino Heist

Egg-Stealing, Rock-Lobbing, Scenery-Smashing Dinosaurs!

The Game

Those cheeky ‘Raptors are up to their old tricks where they have been stealing eggs from a family of very annoyed Stegosaurs!

Velociraptors and Oviraptors are the ammo in this game as you return these little thieves to their nests – with extreme prejudice. Load the little dinosaurs into the tails of the stegosaurs before launching them through the air, targeting the nest-pots with the highest values.

The player that lands the most raptors in the most pots that are worth the most – wins!

What we did

Much like Beards and Booty, I had it in my head to create a game with a dinosaur theme. I wanted something simple, fun, and with a dexterity edge so you were actively throwing or firing something, somewhere…

With this in mind, Dino Heist went through many iterations from sliding dinos, firing, flipping… even a version that is more like a game of dodgeball.

In the end, it was like a game of Tiddlywinks – using your stegosaurs to fire or flip the naughty raptors into the various pots. The various pots were worth different points depending on how tricky it would be to land one of your dinos in the pot.

For a time I thought how much fun it would be to have the pots moving so explored an electronic option, where the pots swung around a central large bucket – it certainly added a manic element to it all.

At the moment, the game has been shelved until we work out how to bring the fun element of it all back again!