Pandora Celeste

A gleeful love letter to Sci-Fi monster movies, where before you can deal with the monsters you must first survive the Ship!

The Game

You are woken by the Ship’s Computer which tells you that there’s something Nasty on board… and it’d engaged Emergency Protocols!

But those protocols are designed to protect the ship – they’re not there to protect the crew! So you have to shut down the Protocols before they kill you (or worse)…

Then something Big and Nasty crawls out of the shadows and you rush to complete your Agenda before someone beats you to the escape craft.

Pandora Celest is a gleeful love letter to Sci-Fi monster movies for 1-6 players aged 14+. The ship is crewed by up to 6 archetypal sci-fi characters, each with their own unique deck of Action Cards tailored to their role and personality. This is enhanced during the game by picking up Tools and Memories that you find lying around the ship – but beware the Little Nasties are also hidden amongst these Tokens!

What we did

Mike and Lynn of Guntower Games reached out to me when they were first searching for an artist to work on Pandora with them. They already had a fantastic artist on board to handle their characters and box art, it was my brief to handle the cards, tokens, the two boards, and – my personal favourite part – the Nasties!

The project has taken well over a year for my part as the game is complex with so many fantastic parts to design and test. I’m so grateful to have played a part in the game’s creation and its success.

Can’t wait to get it to the table!

“Experience-wise, it was just like the movies… I loved it!”

Tonia, Boardgame Nook