S’Mores Galore

A game of Card Stacking and Campfire Snacking!

The Game

Gather ‘Round the Campfire Everyone!

Gather ’round the campfire everyone. Time to make some tasty, gooey treats. Grab a stick, toast those marshmallows just right, and smoosh them between some graham crackers with some melty chocolate. But you’d better make ’em right, or you might just end up with a hot mess!

The goal of the game is to score the most points by making S’mores. To make S’mores you will collect ingredients, assemble them into s’mores, and complete recipes. The more spectacular your campfire confections, the more points you’ll score before the recipes are gone.

What’s in the box: 64 S’mores Ingredient cards- 24 Graham Crackers, 20 Chocolate, and 20 Marshmallow. 29 Recipe cards – 8 Straight up S’mores recipe cards, 21 Advanced S’mores recipe cards, 4 Player aids, 1 Campfire card, and 1 Arrow marker.

What we did

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get to work on a game that is just really great fun – and this was certainly one of them! Daniel had already gotten his idea to a point where there was little left to do but add the polish. he had already created the game using his own art, which made my task all the easier as I had a great template to follow.

This is the exact time in a game’s development cycle when I would recommend to start putting in art. Any sooner and you risk having to repeat the work as further playtesting can make certain changes necessary – which can become expensive, in time and money!

“Recently played a great family-friendly prototype for S’mores Galore. Mechanically it sits right between Point Salad and Point City. And even the prototype is adorable!”

Marc Specter, The Family Gamers Community