Jurassic Feud

Standalone spin-off of the award winning Catapult Feud! BUILD, AIM, DESTROY!

As the tribe’s leader, you will lead your warriors to victory… or to a devastating defeat. Build your fort to protect your warriors, then use your dino to launch boulders at your enemy!

When all warriors of one tribe are knocked over, the battle is over. The winning army must have at least one warrior standing upright.

Each player receives a player board, a weapon (dino), 3 boulders, 5 warriors, and all bricks/gates from a color. Players then build a Fort within the player board in any way they want. Then you must place all your 5 warriors on top of bricks on your Fort.

One at a time, players shoot one boulder at a time using their weapons to knock down the enemy warriors. The first player to knock out all enemy warriors is the winner!

What we did

Considering we are going back in time here I’m not sure if this is technically a sequel or a prequel to Catapult Feud!

Having a household that has always loved dinosaurs, my two boys and I have been sketching out ideas of how to combine these magnificent creatures and our game idea, and, naturally making them our latest boulder-launchers was the most fun way we could think of!

The toughest part was narrowing it down to just two dinos when we had so many to choose from! The models have come out with such amazing personalities and the new minis look even more incredible than the originals!

Could not be more happy with how this has come together – now bring on the Kickstarter!