Escape From Flat Earth

A fast-paced, narrative creating sci-fi card game for 1 – 6 players. Try to keep your red-suited away team alive till the mission’s end.

The Game

Your ship marooned on a strange, flat planet. The crew sent out in search of vital resources. Lethal dangers found at every turn. Can anyone…

Having joined the Red Suits, you and others dressed in potentially fatal fashion have formed Away Teams and are already beaming down to the Flat Planet. As Events are revealed that combine to create a mission timeline, it is now up to each of you to take Actions in the hope that you will be the one to land a Red Suit on the final Event. Do this and earn yourself a promotion out of the Red Suits and into a colour that’s not only flattering… but also comes with a much higher life expectancy.

Or, you could be the only Red Suit left alive, as the planet is fraught with potentially deadly Attacks. You don’t want to be going home in carbonite, do you? Then you’d better keep a Teleport close at hand.

A card game for those of us who know better than to step onto an alien planet while dressed in red. And especially for those who don’t.

Congratulations on becoming a Red Suit – it’s a job for life!

What we did

While sitting watching some awful TV (I think it was Germany’s Next Top Model), I had an idea for a flip-top box like a Star Trek communicator. I wondered if there was a way to make it so that you could flip it open and reveal the cards inside.

So, first came the box, then came the game! I worked on this with a good friend and ex-colleague of mine, Quinten Lansu, who met up with me a few times a month as we would playtest ideas, card designs, character inspiration, and grab a burger too.

This game was exciting to create not only for the fun game and the great packaging, but it was a game where I could refine my own personal style while getting inspired by my favourite sci-fi shows, movies and comics!

“Certainly, if you’ve liked any of the versions of The Captain is Dead (AEG), you’ll get a kick out of Escape from Flat Earth… [Kristian] has put a lot of love into this game; even down to packaging it in a box that beeps like a Star Trek communicator!”

Board’s Eye View, Boardgame Reviewer