The Everstorm Breaks

It’s time to start a new game! This is always such a fun time where anything is possible and you just have ideas coming in faster than you can write them down.

The idea is inspired by digital games called MOBA’s – typically with three lanes that you send minions down with instincts to attack any opponent or tower, they come across on their route towards the enemy’s base.

On top of that, you also control Champions with a range of skills and abilities that can travel down alternate routes and turn the tide of battle in your favour!

For this first stage, we created a very basic mockup of the three lanes needed for the game’s essential gameplay.

We just guessed at how many steps

Even with these basic elements, we managed to make the games we played last for about 20 minutes – with my 9 year old sone Luca winning every one!

Clearly I need more practice!

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